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#define STAM_PROFILE_ADV_STOP ( pProfileAdv,
Prefix   )     do { } while (0)

Samples the stop time of a profiling period and updates the sample.

pProfileAdv Pointer to the STAMPROFILEADV structure to operate on.
Prefix Identifier prefix used to internal variables.

Definition at line 824 of file stam.h.

Referenced by pcnetRdtePoll(), pcnetTdtePoll(), pcnetUpdateIrq(), remR3PhysRead(), remR3PhysReadS16(), remR3PhysReadS32(), remR3PhysReadS64(), remR3PhysReadS8(), remR3PhysReadU16(), remR3PhysReadU32(), remR3PhysReadU64(), remR3PhysReadU8(), remR3PhysWrite(), remR3PhysWriteU16(), remR3PhysWriteU32(), remR3PhysWriteU64(), remR3PhysWriteU8(), and trpmGCExitTrap().

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