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util::AutoMultiWriteLock3 Class Reference

#include <AutoLock.h>

Inheritance diagram for util::AutoMultiWriteLock3:

util::AutoWriteLockBase util::AutoLockBase

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A multi-write-lock containing three other write locks.

Definition at line 591 of file AutoLock.h.

Public Member Functions

void acquire ()
 AutoMultiWriteLock3 (LockHandle *pl1, LockHandle *pl2, LockHandle *pl3 COMMA_LOCKVAL_SRC_POS_DECL)
 AutoMultiWriteLock3 (Lockable *pl1, Lockable *pl2, Lockable *pl3 COMMA_LOCKVAL_SRC_POS_DECL)
void enter ()
void leave ()
void release ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void callLockImpl (LockHandle &l)
void callLockOnAllHandles ()
virtual void callUnlockImpl (LockHandle &l)
void callUnlockOnAllHandles ()
void cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

Data * m

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