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RT_PROXY_STUB(vde_open_real, VDECONN *, \
               (const char *vde_switch, const char *descr, int interface_version, struct vde_open_args *open_args), \
               (vde_switch, descr, interface_version, open_args)) \
 RT_PROXY_STUB(vde_recv, size_t, \
               (VDECONN *conn,void *buf,size_t len,int flags), \
               (conn, buf, len, flags)) \
 RT_PROXY_STUB(vde_send, size_t, \
               (VDECONN *conn,const void *buf,size_t len,int flags), \
               (conn, buf, len, flags)) \
 RT_PROXY_STUB(vde_datafd, int, (VDECONN *conn), (conn)) \
 RT_PROXY_STUB(vde_close, void, (VDECONN *conn), (conn))
The following are the symbols which we need from the library.

Definition at line 52 of file VDEPlugSymDefs.h.

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