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assert.h File Reference

Detailed Description

MS COM / XPCOM Abstraction Layer: Assertion macros for COM/XPCOM

Definition in file assert.h.

#include <iprt/assert.h>

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#define AssertComRC(rc)   do { AssertMsg (SUCCEEDED (rc), ("COM RC = %Rhrc (0x%08X)\n", rc, rc)); NOREF (rc); } while (0)
#define AssertComRCBreak(rc, eval)   if (!SUCCEEDED (rc)) { AssertComRC (rc); eval; break; } else do {} while (0)
#define AssertComRCBreakRC(rc)   if (!SUCCEEDED (rc)) { AssertComRC (rc); break; } else do {} while (0)
#define AssertComRCReturn(rc, ret)   AssertMsgReturn (SUCCEEDED (rc), ("COM RC = %Rhrc (0x%08X)\n", rc, rc), ret)
#define AssertComRCReturnRC(rc)   AssertMsgReturn (SUCCEEDED (rc), ("COM RC = %Rhrc (0x%08X)\n", rc, rc), rc)
#define AssertComRCReturnVoid(rc)   AssertMsgReturnVoid (SUCCEEDED (rc), ("COM RC = %Rhrc (0x%08X)\n", rc, rc))
#define AssertComRCThrow(rc, eval)   if (!SUCCEEDED (rc)) { AssertComRC (rc); throw (eval); } else do {} while (0)
#define AssertComRCThrowRC(rc)   if (!SUCCEEDED (rc)) { AssertComRC (rc); throw rc; } else do {} while (0)

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