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Get error interface from opaque callback table.

Pointer to the callback table.
pInterface Pointer to the interface descriptor.

Definition at line 436 of file VBoxHDD.h.

References AssertMsgReturn, NULL, and VDINTERFACETYPE_ERROR.

    /* Check that the interface descriptor is a error interface. */
    AssertMsgReturn(   (pInterface->enmInterface == VDINTERFACETYPE_ERROR)
                    && (pInterface->cbSize == sizeof(VDINTERFACE)),
                    ("Not an error interface"), NULL);

    PVDINTERFACEERROR pInterfaceError = (PVDINTERFACEERROR)pInterface->pCallbacks;

    /* Do basic checks. */
    AssertMsgReturn(   (pInterfaceError->cbSize == sizeof(VDINTERFACEERROR))
                    && (pInterfaceError->enmInterface == VDINTERFACETYPE_ERROR),
                    ("A non error callback table attached to a error interface descriptor\n"), NULL);

    return pInterfaceError;

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