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util::AutoLockBase Class Reference

#include <AutoLock.h>

Inheritance diagram for util::AutoLockBase:

util::AutoReadLock util::AutoWriteLockBase util::AutoMultiWriteLock2 util::AutoMultiWriteLock3 util::AutoWriteLock

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all autolocks.

This cannot be used directly. Use AutoReadLock or AutoWriteLock or AutoMultiWriteLock2/3 which directly and indirectly derive from this.

In the implementation, the instance data contains a list of lock handles. The class provides some utility functions to help locking and unlocking them.

Definition at line 267 of file AutoLock.h.

Public Member Functions

void acquire ()
void release ()

Protected Member Functions

 AutoLockBase (uint32_t cHandles, LockHandle *pHandle COMMA_LOCKVAL_SRC_POS_DECL)
 AutoLockBase (uint32_t cHandles COMMA_LOCKVAL_SRC_POS_DECL)
virtual void callLockImpl (LockHandle &l)=0
void callLockOnAllHandles ()
virtual void callUnlockImpl (LockHandle &l)=0
void callUnlockOnAllHandles ()
void cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

Data * m

Private Member Functions

 AutoLockBase (const AutoLockBase &)
AutoLockBaseoperator= (const AutoLockBase &)


struct  Data

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