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void kldrDyldDoLoadExe ( PKLDRDYLDMOD  pExe  ) 

Worker kLdrDoLoadExe(). Used after we've switch to the final process stack.

pExe The executable module.

For internal use only.

Definition at line 569 of file kLdrDyld.c.

References g_cActiveLoadCalls, KLDRDYLD_LOAD_FLAGS_EXECUTABLE, kldrDyldDoLoad2(), kldrDyldDoModuleTerminationAndGarabageCollection(), kldrDyldFailure(), kLdrDyldFlags, kldrDyldModStartExe(), kLdrDyldSearch, NULL, KLDRDYLDMOD::pMod, and KLDRMOD::pszFilename.

Referenced by kldrDyldDoLoadExeStackSwitch().

    int rc;

     * Load the executable module with its prerequisites and initialize them.
    rc = kldrDyldDoLoad2(pExe, NULL, NULL, kLdrDyldSearch, kLdrDyldFlags | KLDRDYLD_LOAD_FLAGS_EXECUTABLE);
    if (rc)
        kldrDyldFailure(rc, "load 2 failed for '%s', rc=%d", pExe->pMod->pszFilename);

     * Invoke the executable entry point.
    kldrDyldFailure(-1, "failed to invoke main!");

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