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PRInt32 tmQueue::Init ( const char *  aName,
PRUint32  aID,
tmTransactionManager aTM 

Initialize internal storage vectors and set the name of the queue and the pointer to the TM container.

NS_OK if everything succeeds

-1 if initialization fails

Definition at line 70 of file tmQueue.cpp.

References tmVector::Init().

Referenced by tmTransactionManager::AddQueue().

  PR_ASSERT(mTM == nsnull);

  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(mTransactions.Init()) &&
      NS_SUCCEEDED(mListeners.Init()) &&
      ((mName = PL_strdup(aName)) != nsnull) ) {
    mTM = aTM;
    mID = aID;
    return NS_OK;
  return -1;

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