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PDMIACPIPORT Struct Reference
[The PDM Interface Definitions]

#include <pdmifs.h>

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Detailed Description

ACPI port interface (down). Used by both the ACPI driver and (grumble) main. Pair with PDMIACPICONNECTOR.

Definition at line 1813 of file pdmifs.h.

Public Member Functions

 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnGetCpuStatus,(PPDMIACPIPORT pInterface, unsigned uCpu, bool *pfLocked))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnGetGuestEnteredACPIMode,(PPDMIACPIPORT pInterface, bool *pfEntered))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnGetPowerButtonHandled,(PPDMIACPIPORT pInterface, bool *pfHandled))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnSleepButtonPress,(PPDMIACPIPORT pInterface))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnPowerButtonPress,(PPDMIACPIPORT pInterface))

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