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#define KLDRMODPE_RVA2TYPE ( pvBits,
type   )     ( (type) ((KUPTR)(pvBits) + (KUPTR)(uRVA)) )

Converts a RVA to a pointer of the specified type.

pvBits The bits (image base).
uRVA The image relative virtual address.
type The type to cast to.

Definition at line 61 of file kLdrModPE.c.

Referenced by kldrModPEDoFixups(), kldrModPEDoForwarderQuery(), kldrModPEDoImports(), kldrModPEDoImports32Bit(), kldrModPEDoImports64Bit(), kldrModPEEnumDbgInfo(), kldrModPEEnumSymbols(), kldrModPEGetImport(), kldrModPENumberOfImports(), and kldrModPEQuerySymbol().

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