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#define RTTESTI_CHECK_RC_OK_RET (   rcExpr,
do { \
        int rcCheck = (rcExpr); \
        if (RT_FAILURE(rcCheck)) { \
            RTTestIFailed("line %u: %s: %Rrc", __LINE__, #rcExpr, rcCheck); \
            return (rcRet); \
        } \
    } while (0)

Check whether a IPRT style status code indicates success.

If the status indicates failure, call RTTestIFailed giving the line number, expression and status code, then return with the specified value.

rcExprThe expression resulting in an IPRT status code. This will be assigned to a local rcCheck variable that can be used as return value.
rcRetThe return code.

Definition at line 1101 of file test.h.

Referenced by tstOpenInterfaces().

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