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ipcMessage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ClearFlag (PRUint16 flag)
const char * Data () const
PRUint32 DataLen () const
const ipcMessageHeaderHeader () const
 ipcMessage (const nsID &target, const char *data, PRUint32 dataLen)
PRBool IsComplete () const
const char * MsgBuf () const
PRUint32 MsgLen () const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRStatus) ReadFrom(const char *buf
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Reset()
 NS_HIDDEN_ (ipcMessage *) Clone() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) Equals(const nsID &target
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRStatus) WriteTo(char *buf
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) Equals(const ipcMessage *msg) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRStatus) SetData(PRUint32 offset
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRStatus) Init(const nsID &target
void SetFlag (PRUint16 flag)
const nsIDTarget () const
PRBool TestFlag (PRUint16 flag) const

Public Attributes

PRUint32 bufLen
PRUint32 PRUint32 * bytesRead
PRUint32 PRUint32 * bytesWritten
PRUint32 PRUint32 PRBool * complete
const char PRUint32 dataLen const
const char * data
const char PRUint32 dataLen
PRUint32 mMetaData
class ipcMessagemNext

Private Attributes

PRPackedBool mMsgComplete
PRUint32 mMsgOffset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 93 of file ipcMessage.h.

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