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VSCSISgBuf.cpp File Reference

#include <VBox/log.h>
#include <iprt/assert.h>
#include <iprt/string.h>
#include "VSCSIInternal.h"
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size_t vscsiCopyFromIoMemCtx (PVSCSIIOMEMCTX pIoMemCtx, uint8_t *pbData, size_t cbData)
size_t vscsiCopyToIoMemCtx (PVSCSIIOMEMCTX pIoMemCtx, uint8_t *pbData, size_t cbData)
uint8_t * vscsiIoMemCtxGetBuffer (PVSCSIIOMEMCTX pIoMemCtx, size_t *pcbData)
void vscsiIoMemCtxInit (PVSCSIIOMEMCTX pIoMemCtx, PCRTSGSEG paDataSeg, size_t cSegments)

Detailed Description

Virtual SCSI driver: S/G list handling

Definition in file VSCSISgBuf.cpp.

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