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HGSMIChannels.h File Reference

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#define HGSMI_CH_HGSMI   (0x01)
#define HGSMI_CH_OPENGL   (0x05)
#define HGSMI_CH_RESERVED   (0x00)
#define HGSMI_CH_SEAMLESS   (0x03)
#define HGSMI_CH_SEAMLESS2   (0x04)
#define HGSMI_CH_STRING_FIRST   (0x20)
#define HGSMI_CH_STRING_LAST   (0xff)
#define HGSMI_CH_VBVA   (0x02)
#define HGSMI_IS_DYNAMIC_CHANNEL(_channel)   (((uint8_t)(_channel) & 0xE0) != 0)

Detailed Description

VBox Host Guest Shared Memory Interface (HGSMI). Host/Guest shared part. Channel identifiers.

Definition in file HGSMIChannels.h.

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