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static KU64 kPrfNow ( void   )  [inline, static]

Get the now timestamp. This must correspond to what the assembly code are doing.

Definition at line 326 of file kProfileR3.cpp.

#if defined(HAVE_INTRIN)
    return __rdtsc();
# else
        KU64 u64;
            KU32 u32Lo;
            KU32 u32Hi;
        } s;
    } u;
# if defined(__GNUC__)
    __asm__ __volatile__ ("rdtsc\n\t" : "=a" (u.s.u32Lo), "=d" (u.s.u32Hi));
# else
        mov     [u.s.u32Lo], eax
        mov     [u.s.u32Hi], edx

# endif
    return u.u64;

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