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kDbgHlpCrt.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

kDbg - The Debug Info Reader, Helpers, CRT Based Implementation.

Definition in file kDbgHlpCrt.cpp.

#include "kDbgHlp.h"
#include "kDbg.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>

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void * kDbgHlpAlloc (size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpAllocDup (const void *pv, size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpAllocZ (size_t cb)
void kDbgHlpClose (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
int kDbgHlpCrtConvErrno (int rc)
int64_t kDbgHlpFileSize (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
void kDbgHlpFree (void *pv)
uintptr_t kDbgHlpNativeFileHandle (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)
int kDbgHlpOpenRO (const char *pszFilename, PKDBGHLPFILE *ppFile)
int kDbgHlpRead (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, void *pv, size_t cb)
int kDbgHlpReadAt (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off, void *pv, size_t cb)
void * kDbgHlpReAlloc (void *pv, size_t cb)
int kDbgHlpSeek (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int kDbgHlpSeekByCur (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int kDbgHlpSeekByEnd (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile, int64_t off)
int64_t kDbgHlpTell (PKDBGHLPFILE pFile)

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