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PDMICHARPORT Struct Reference
[The PDM Interface Definitions]

#include <pdmifs.h>

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Detailed Description

Char port interface (down). Pair with PDMICHARCONNECTOR.

Definition at line 1516 of file pdmifs.h.

Public Member Functions

 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnNotifyBreak,(PPDMICHARPORT pInterface))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnNotifyBufferFull,(PPDMICHARPORT pInterface, bool fFull))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnNotifyStatusLinesChanged,(PPDMICHARPORT pInterface, uint32_t fNewStatusLines))
 DECLR3CALLBACKMEMBER (int, pfnNotifyRead,(PPDMICHARPORT pInterface, const void *pvBuf, size_t *pcbRead))

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