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#define AssertReleaseMsg ( expr,


do { \
        if (RT_UNLIKELY(!(expr))) \
        { \
            RTAssertMsg1Weak(#expr, __LINE__, __FILE__, __PRETTY_FUNCTION__); \
            RTAssertMsg2Weak a; \
            RTAssertReleasePanic(); \
        } \
    } while (0)
Assert that an expression is true, print the message and hit a breakpoint if it isn't.

expr Expression which should be true.
a printf argument list (in parenthesis).

Definition at line 1554 of file assert.h.

Referenced by patchAml(), patmReinit(), remGenerateExportGlue(), remGenerateImportGlue(), REMR3DECL(), remR3NotifyHandlerPhysicalModify(), rtThreadInsert(), rtThreadNativeMain(), and VMMR3DECL().

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