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ctype.h File Reference

Detailed Description

IPRT - Simple character type classiciation and conversion.

Definition in file ctype.h.

#include <iprt/types.h>

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C locale predicates and conversions.

For most practical purposes, this can safely be used when parsing UTF-8 strings. Just keep in mind that we only deal with the first 127 chars and that full correctness is only archived using the non-existing RTLocIs* API.

Use the marcros, not the inlined functions.

ASSUMES the source code includes the basic ASCII chars. This is a general IPRT assumption.

#define RT_C_IS_ALNUM(ch)   RTLocCIsAlNum((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_ALPHA(ch)   RTLocCIsAlpha((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_BLANK(ch)   RTLocCIsBlank((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_CNTRL(ch)   RTLocCIsCntrl((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_DIGIT(ch)   RTLocCIsDigit((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_GRAPH(ch)   RTLocCIsGraph((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_LOWER(ch)   RTLocCIsLower((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_ODIGIT(ch)   RTLocCIsODigit((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_PRINT(ch)   RTLocCIsPrint((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_PUNCT(ch)   RTLocCIsPunct((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_SPACE(ch)   RTLocCIsSpace((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_UPPER(ch)   RTLocCIsUpper((ch))
#define RT_C_IS_XDIGIT(ch)   RTLocCIsXDigit((ch))
#define RT_C_TO_LOWER(ch)   RTLocCToLower((ch))
#define RT_C_TO_UPPER(ch)   RTLocCToUpper((ch))
 DECL_FORCE_INLINE (int) RTLocCToLower(int ch)
 DECL_FORCE_INLINE (bool) RTLocCIsBlank(int ch)

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