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BOOL com::EventQueue::postEvent ( Event event  ) 

Posts an event to this event loop asynchronously.

event the event to post, must be allocated using |new|
TRUE if successful and false otherwise

Definition at line 446 of file EventQueue.cpp.

References mThreadId, and NULL.

Referenced by interruptEventQueueProcessing().

#if defined (RT_OS_WINDOWS)

    return PostThreadMessage (mThreadId, WM_USER, (WPARAM) event, NULL);


    if (!mEventQ)
        return FALSE;

    MyPLEvent *ev = new MyPLEvent (event);
    mEventQ->InitEvent (ev, this, plEventHandler, plEventDestructor);
    HRESULT rc = mEventQ->PostEvent (ev);
    return NS_SUCCEEDED(rc);


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