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static int kldrModNativeCreate ( PCKLDRMODOPS  pOps,
PKRDR  pRdr,
KLDRFOFF  offNewHdr,
) [static]

Use native loader to load the file opened by pRdr.

0 on success and *ppMod pointing to a module instance. On failure, a non-zero OS specific error code is returned.
pOps Pointer to the registered method table.
pRdr The file provider instance to use.
offNewHdr The offset of the new header in MZ files. -1 if not found.
ppMod Where to store the module instance pointer.

Definition at line 159 of file kLdrModNative.c.

References KLDRMODNATIVE_ASSERT, and kLdrModOpenNative().

    int rc = kLdrModOpenNative(kRdrName(pRdr), ppMod);
    if (rc)
        return rc;
    rc = kRdrClose(pRdr);
    return 0;

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