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void tmTransactionService::SendMessage ( tmTransaction aTrans,
PRBool  aSync 
) [protected]

Pulls the raw message out of the transaction and sends it to the IPC service to be delivered to the TM.

aTrans The transaction to send to the TM
aSync If TRUE, calling thread will be blocked until a reply is received.

Definition at line 320 of file tmTransactionService.cpp.

References tmTransaction::GetRawMessage(), and tmTransaction::GetRawMessageLength().

Referenced by DispatchStoredMessages(), and SendDetachOrFlush().


  NS_ASSERTION(aTrans, "tmTransactionService::SendMessage called with null transaction");

  IPC_SendMessage(0, kTransModuleID, 
  if (aSync)
    IPC_WaitMessage(0, kTransModuleID, nsnull, nsnull, PR_INTERVAL_NO_TIMEOUT);

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