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static const char* name ( const char *  pszPath  )  [static]

Find where the filename starts in the given path.

Definition at line 42 of file biossums.c.

Referenced by audioLoadAlsaLib(), audioLoadPulseLib(), VBoxGlobal::COMPortNames(), DECLCALLBACK(), doUsage(), fatal(), Medium::getName(), handleList(), handleModifyVM(), handleShowHardDiskInfo(), handleSnapshot(), tmTransactionManager::HandleTransaction(), Console::handleUnexpectedExceptions(), Medium::init(), QIHotKeyEdit::keyName(), VBoxGlobal::LPTPortNames(), main(), process_mount_opts(), VBoxGlobalSettings::publicProperty(), VBoxGlobalSettings::save(), Medium::saveSettings(), VBoxGlobal::toCOMPortNumbers(), VBoxGlobal::toLPTPortNumbers(), and UpdateTitlebar().

    const char *psz = strrchr(pszPath, '/');
#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__OS2__)
    const char *psz2 = strrchr(pszPath, '\\');
    if (!psz2)
        psz2 = strrchr(pszPath, ':');
    if (psz2 && (!psz || psz2 > psz))
        psz = psz2;
    return psz ? psz + 1 : pszPath;

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