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com::ProgressErrorInfo::ProgressErrorInfo ( IProgress *  progress  ) 

Constructs a new instance by fetching error information from the IProgress interface pointer. If the progress object is not NULL, its completed attribute is true, resultCode represents a failure, and the errorInfo attribute returns a valid IVirtualBoxErrorInfo pointer, both isFullAvailable() and isBasicAvailable() will return true.

progress the progress object representing a failed operation

Definition at line 234 of file ErrorInfo.cpp.

References ComPtrBase< I, RefOps >::asOutParam(), and Assert.

    ErrorInfo (false /* aDummy */)
    Assert (progress);
    if (!progress)

    ComPtr<IVirtualBoxErrorInfo> info;
    HRESULT rc = progress->COMGETTER(ErrorInfo) (info.asOutParam());
    if (SUCCEEDED(rc) && info)
        init (info);

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