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VMMDECL ( void   ) 

Restores virtualized flags.

This function is called from CPUMRawLeave(). It will update the eflags register.

pVM VM handle.
pCtxCore The cpu context core.
rawRC Raw mode return code
See also:
Raw-mode Code Execution
Updates the EFLAGS. This is a worker for CPUMRawSetEFlags().

pVM The VM handle.
pCtxCore The context core.
efl The new EFLAGS value.
Notification that execution is about to start.

This call must always be paired with a TMNotifyStartOfExecution call.

The function may, depending on the configuration, suspend the TSC and future clocks that only ticks when we're executing guest code.

pVCpu The VMCPU to operate on.

Definition at line 187 of file TMAll.cpp.

    PVM pVM = pVCpu->CTX_SUFF(pVM);

    if (pVM->tm.s.fTSCTiedToExecution)
        tmCpuTickPause(pVM, pVCpu);

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