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kHlpSys.h File Reference

Detailed Description

kHlpSys - System Call Prototypes.

Definition in file kHlpSys.h.

#include <k/kHlpDefs.h>
#include <k/kTypes.h>

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int kHlpSys_close (int fd)
void kHlpSys_exit (int rc)
KFOFF kHlpSys_lseek (int fd, int whench, KFOFF off)
void * kHlpSys_mmap (void *addr, KSIZE len, int prot, int flags, int fd, KI64 off)
int kHlpSys_mprotect (void *addr, KSIZE len, int prot)
int kHlpSys_munmap (void *addr, KSIZE len)
int kHlpSys_open (const char *filename, int flags, int mode)
KSSIZE kHlpSys_read (int fd, void *pvBuf, KSIZE cbBuf)
KSSIZE kHlpSys_readlink (const char *pszPath, char *pszBuf, KSIZE cbBuf)
KSSIZE kHlpSys_write (int fd, const void *pvBuf, KSIZE cbBuf)

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