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typedef int FNKLDRMODGETIMPORT(PKLDRMOD pMod, KU32 iImport, KU32 iSymbol, const char *pchSymbol, KSIZE cchSymbol, const char *pszVersion, PKLDRADDR puValue, KU32 *pfKind, void *pvUser)

Callback for resolving imported symbols when applying fixups.

0 on success and *pValue and *pfKind filled.

Non-zero OS specific or kLdr status code on failure.

pMod The module which fixups are begin applied.
iImport The import module ordinal number or NIL_KLDRMOD_IMPORT.
iSymbol The symbol ordinal number or NIL_KLDRMOD_SYM_ORDINAL.
pchSymbol The symbol name. Can be NULL if iSymbol isn't nil. Doesn't have to be null-terminated.
cchSymbol The length of the symbol.
pszVersion The symbol version. NULL if not versioned.
puValue Where to store the symbol value.
pfKind Where to store the symbol kind flags.
pvUser The user parameter specified to the relocation function.

Definition at line 486 of file kLdr.h.

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