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typedef int FNKLDRMODENUMSYMS(PKLDRMOD pMod, KU32 iSymbol, const char *pchSymbol, KSIZE cchSymbol, const char *pszVersion, KLDRADDR uValue, KU32 fKind, void *pvUser)

Symbol enumerator callback.

0 if enumeration should continue.

non-zero if the enumeration should stop. This status code will then be returned by kLdrModEnumSymbols().

pMod The module which symbols are being enumerated.s
iSymbol The symbol ordinal number or NIL_KLDRMOD_SYM_ORDINAL.
pchSymbol The symbol name. This can be NULL if there is a symbol ordinal. This can also be an empty string if the symbol doesn't have a name or it's name has been stripped. Important, this doesn't have to be a null-terminated string.
cchSymbol The length of the symbol.
pszVersion The symbol version. NULL if not versioned.
uValue The symbol value.
fKind The symbol kind flags.
pvUser The user parameter specified to kLdrModEnumSymbols().

Definition at line 509 of file kLdr.h.

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