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#define N_ (  )     (s)

The #define N_ is used to mark a string for translation. This is usable in any part of the code, as it is only used by the tools that create message catalogs. This macro is a no-op as far as the compiler and code generation is concerned.

If you want to both mark a string for translation and translate it, use _().

Definition at line 1759 of file cdefs.h.

Referenced by settings::ConfigFileBase::ConfigFileBase(), Console::configNetwork(), cpumR3LoadCpuId(), DECLCALLBACK(), DECLINLINE(), FwCommonPlantDMITable(), OVFReader::HandleDiskSection(), OVFReader::HandleVirtualSystemContent(), settings::ConfigFileBase::makeString(), settings::ConfigFileBase::parseTimestamp(), settings::ConfigFileBase::parseUUID(), pgmR3LoadMmio2Ranges(), pgmR3LoadRomRanges(), settings::ConfigFileBase::readExtraData(), settings::ConfigFileBase::readUSBDeviceFilters(), VMM_INT_DECL(), and vmmR3SwitcherInit().

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