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tmTransactionManager Class Reference

#include <tmTransactionManager.h>

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Detailed Description

This class manages the flow of messages from the IPC daemon (coming to it through the tmIPCModule) that ultimately come from a Transaction Service (TS) in a mozilla based client somewhere. The message is delivered to the proper queue, where it is dealt with.

New queues get created here as clients request them.

Definition at line 59 of file tmTransactionManager.h.

Public Member Functions

void HandleTransaction (tmTransaction *aTrans)
PRInt32 Init ()
void SendTransaction (PRUint32 aDestClientIPCID, tmTransaction *aTrans)
virtual ~tmTransactionManager ()

Protected Member Functions

PRInt32 AddQueue (const char *aQueueType)
tmQueueGetQueue (const char *aQueueName)
tmQueueGetQueue (PRUint32 aQueueID)
void RemoveQueue (PRUint32 aQueueID)

Protected Attributes

tmVector mQueues

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