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void tmIPCModule::HandleMsg ( ipcClientHandle  client,
const nsID target,
const void *  data,
PRUint32  dataLen 
) [static]

Receives a message from the IPC daemon, creates a transaction and sends it to the TM to deal with.

Definition at line 87 of file tmIPCModule.cpp.

References tmTransactionManager::HandleTransaction(), tmTransaction::Init(), and InitInternal().


  // make sure the trans mngr is there
  if (!tm && (InitInternal() < 0))

  // create the transaction
  tmTransaction *trans = new tmTransaction();

  // initialize it
  if (trans) {
    if(NS_SUCCEEDED(trans->Init(IPC_GetClientID(client),  // who owns it
                                TM_INVALID_ID,            // in data
                                TM_INVALID,               // in data
                                TM_INVALID,               // in data
                                (PRUint8 *)data,          // raw message
                                dataLen))) {              // length of message
      // pass it on to the trans mngr
      delete trans;

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