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typedef DECLCALLBACK ( int   ) 

Callback function for mapping an PCI I/O region.

VBox status code.
pPciDev Pointer to PCI device. Use pPciDev->pDevIns to get the device instance.
iRegion The region number.
GCPhysAddress Physical address of the region. If enmType is PCI_ADDRESS_SPACE_IO, this is an I/O port, otherwise it's a physical address.
NIL_RTGCPHYS indicates that a MMIO2 mapping is about to be unmapped and that the device deregister access handlers for it and update its internal state to reflect this.

enmType One of the PCI_ADDRESS_SPACE_* values.
The address is *NOT* relative to pci_mem_base.

r=bird: We should just drop all these items, restoring doesn't make sense.

Definition at line 635 of file VBoxRecompiler.c.

    PREM pRem = &pVM->rem.s;

     * Save the required CPU Env bits.
     * (Not much because we're never in REM when doing the save.)
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM,   pRem->Env.hflags);
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM,   ~0);            /* separator */

    /* Remember if we've entered raw mode (vital for ring 1 checks in e.g. iret emulation). */
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM, !!(pRem->Env.state & CPU_RAW_RING0));
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM, pVM->rem.s.u32PendingInterrupt);

    return SSMR3PutU32(pSSM, ~0);       /* terminator */

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