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Utf8Str& com::Utf8Str::detachTo ( char **  pstr  )  [inline, inherited]

Intended to assign instances to |char *| out parameters from within the interface method. Transfers the ownership of the original string to the caller and resets the instance to null.

As opposed to cloneTo(), this method doesn't create a copy of the string.

Definition at line 398 of file string.h.

References iprt::MiniString::m_cbAllocated, iprt::MiniString::m_cbLength, iprt::MiniString::m_psz, and NULL.

Referenced by com::Bstr::cloneTo().

        *pstr = m_psz;
        m_psz = NULL;
        m_cbAllocated = 0;
        m_cbLength = 0;
        return *this;

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