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com::Bstr Class Reference

#include <string.h>

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com::BstrFmt com::BstrFmtVA

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Detailed Description

Helper class that represents the |BSTR| type and hides platform-specific implementation details.

This class uses COM/XPCOM-provided memory management routines to allocate and free string buffers. This makes it possible to:

Definition at line 73 of file string.h.

Public Types

typedef CBSTR ConstString
typedef BSTR String

Public Member Functions

Bstralloc (size_t aSize)
BSTR * asOutParam ()
 Bstr (size_t aSize)
 Bstr (const char *that)
 Bstr (const iprt::MiniString &that)
 Bstr (CBSTR that)
 Bstr (const Bstr &that)
const BstrcloneTo (char **pstr) const
const BstrcloneTo (BSTR *pstr) const
int compare (BSTR str) const
int compare (CBSTR str) const
int compareIgnoreCase (CBSTR str) const
BstrdetachTo (BSTR *pstr)
bool isEmpty () const
bool isNull () const
size_t length () const
BSTR mutableRaw ()
 operator bool () const
 operator BSTR ()
 operator CBSTR () const
bool operator!= (BSTR that) const
bool operator!= (CBSTR that) const
bool operator!= (const Bstr &that) const
bool operator< (BSTR that) const
bool operator< (CBSTR that) const
bool operator< (const Bstr &that) const
Bstroperator= (const char *that)
Bstroperator= (const Utf8Str &that)
Bstroperator= (CBSTR that)
Bstroperator= (const Bstr &that)
bool operator== (BSTR that) const
bool operator== (CBSTR that) const
bool operator== (const Bstr &that) const
CBSTR raw () const
BstrsetNull ()
BstrsetNullIfEmpty ()

Static Public Attributes

static const Bstr Null

Protected Member Functions

void safe_assign (CBSTR str)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void raw_copy (BSTR &ls, const char *rs)
static void raw_copy (BSTR &ls, CBSTR rs)

Protected Attributes

BSTR bstr


class Utf8Str

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