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int kDbgHlpReadAt ( PKDBGHLPFILE  pFile,
int64_t  off,
void *  pv,
size_t  cb 

Reads a number of bytes at a specified file location.

This will change the current file position to off + cb on success, while on failure the position will be undefined.

The file size in bytes on success. On failure -1 is returned.
pFile The file handle.
off Where to read.
pv Where to store the data.
cb How much to read.

Definition at line 164 of file kDbgHlpCrt.cpp.

References kDbgHlpRead(), and kDbgHlpSeek().

Referenced by kdbgModPEOpen().

    int rc  = kDbgHlpSeek(pFile, off);
    if (!rc)
        rc = kDbgHlpRead(pFile, pv, cb);
    return rc;

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