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static int kldrModLXAllocTLS ( PKLDRMOD  pMod  )  [static]

Allocates Thread Local Storage for module mapped by kLdrModMap().

Calling kLdrModAllocTLS() more than once without calling kLdrModFreeTLS() between each invocation is not supported.

0 on success, non-zero OS or kLdr status code on failure.
pMod The module.

Definition at line 1927 of file kLdrModLX.c.

References KLDR_ERR_NOT_MAPPED, KLDRMOD::pvData, and KLDRMODLX::pvMapping.

    PKLDRMODLX  pModLX = (PKLDRMODLX)pMod->pvData;

    /* no tls, just do the error checking. */
    if (!pModLX->pvMapping)
        return KLDR_ERR_NOT_MAPPED;
    return 0;

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