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com::VirtualBoxErrorInfoGlue Class Reference

#include <VirtualBoxErrorInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

The VirtualBoxErrorInfoGlue class glues two IVirtualBoxErrorInfo chains by attaching the head of the second chain to the tail of the first one.

This is done by wrapping around each member of the first chain and substituting the next attribute implementation.

Definition at line 122 of file VirtualBoxErrorInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT init (IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aReal, IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aNext)

Public Attributes

struct IVirtualBoxErrorInfo_vtbl * vtbl

Protected Member Functions

HRESULT protectedInit (IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aReal, IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aNext)

Private Member Functions

 COM_FORWARD_IVirtualBoxErrorInfo_GETTER_ResultCode_TO_OBJ (mReal) COM_FORWARD_IVirtualBoxErrorInfo_GETTER_InterfaceID_TO_OBJ(mReal) COM_FORWARD_IVirtualBoxErrorInfo_GETTER_Component_TO_OBJ(mReal) COM_FORWARD_IVirtualBoxErrorInfo_GETTER_Text_TO_OBJ(mReal) STDMETHOD(COMGETTER(Next))(IVirtualBoxErrorInfo **aNext)
STDMETHOD() GetDescription (BSTR *description)
STDMETHOD() GetHelpContext (DWORD *pdwHelpContext)
STDMETHOD() GetHelpFile (BSTR *pBstrHelpFile)
STDMETHOD() GetSource (BSTR *source)

Private Attributes

ComPtr< IVirtualBoxErrorInfo > mNext
ComPtr< IVirtualBoxErrorInfo > mReal

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