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int kLdrModOpen ( const char *  pszFilename,
KU32  fFlags,
KCPUARCH  enmCpuArch,

Open a executable image by file name.

0 on success and *ppMod pointing to a module instance. On failure, a non-zero OS specific error code is returned.
pszFilename The filename to open.
fFlags Flags, MBZ.
enmCpuArch The desired CPU architecture. KCPUARCH_UNKNOWN means anything goes, but with a preference for the current host architecture.
ppMod Where to store the module handle.

Definition at line 114 of file kLdrMod.c.

References kLdrModOpenFromRdr().

Referenced by BasicTests(), and TestModule().

     * Open the file using a bit provider.
    PKRDR pRdr;
    int rc = kRdrOpen(&pRdr, pszFilename);
    if (!rc)
        rc = kLdrModOpenFromRdr(pRdr, fFlags, enmCpuArch, ppMod);
        if (!rc)
            return 0;
    return rc;

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