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int kLdrModEnumDbgInfo ( PKLDRMOD  pMod,
const void *  pvBits,
void *  pvUser 

Enumerate the debug info formats contained in the executable image.

0 on success, non-zero OS or kLdr status code on failure, or non-zero callback status.
pMod The module.
pvBits Optional pointer to bits returned by kLdrModGetBits(). This can be used by some module interpreters to reduce memory consumption.
pfnCallback The callback function.
pvUser The user argument.
See also:
pg_kDbg for the debug info reader.

Definition at line 643 of file kLdrMod.c.

References KLDRMOD_VALIDATE, KLDRMODOPS::pfnEnumDbgInfo, and KLDRMOD::pOps.

Referenced by BasicTestsSub2().

    return pMod->pOps->pfnEnumDbgInfo(pMod, pvBits, pfnCallback, pvUser);

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