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pfnPutEvent  ,
(PPDMIMOUSEPORT pInterface, int32_t i32DeltaX, int32_t i32DeltaY, int32_t i32DeltaZ, int32_t i32DeltaW, uint32_t fButtonStates)   

Puts a mouse event. This is called by the source of mouse events. The event will be passed up until the topmost driver, which then calls the registered event handler.

VBox status code.
pInterface Pointer to this interface structure.
i32DeltaX The X delta.
i32DeltaY The Y delta.
i32DeltaZ The Z delta.
i32DeltaW The W (horizontal scroll button) delta.
fButtonStates The button states, see the PDMIMOUSEPORT_BUTTON_* #defines. The emulation thread.

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