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pfnResize  ,
(PPDMIDISPLAYCONNECTOR pInterface, uint32_t cBits, void *pvVRAM, uint32_t cbLine, uint32_t cx, uint32_t cy  

Resize the display. This is called when the resolution changes. This usually happens on request from the guest os, but may also happen as the result of a reset. If the callback returns VINF_VGA_RESIZE_IN_PROGRESS, the caller (VGA device) must not access the connector and return.

VINF_SUCCESS if the framebuffer resize was completed, VINF_VGA_RESIZE_IN_PROGRESS if resize takes time and not yet finished.
pInterface Pointer to this interface.
cBits Color depth (bits per pixel) of the new video mode.
pvVRAM Address of the guest VRAM.
cbLine Size in bytes of a single scan line.
cx New display width.
cy New display height. The emulation thread.

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