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settings::ConfigFileBase Class Reference

#include <settings.h>

Inherited by settings::MachineConfigFile, and settings::MainConfigFile.

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Detailed Description

Common base class for both MainConfigFile and MachineConfigFile which contains some common logic for both.

Definition at line 78 of file settings.h.

Public Member Functions

bool fileExists ()

Protected Member Functions

void clearDocument ()
 ConfigFileBase (const com::Utf8Str *pstrFilename)
void createStubDocument ()
com::Utf8Str makeString (const com::Guid &guid)
com::Utf8Str makeString (const RTTIMESPEC &tm)
void parseTimestamp (RTTIMESPEC &timestamp, const com::Utf8Str &str) const
void parseUUID (com::Guid &guid, const com::Utf8Str &strUUID) const
void readExtraData (const xml::ElementNode &elmExtraData, ExtraDataItemsMap &map)
void readUSBDeviceFilters (const xml::ElementNode &elmDeviceFilters, USBDeviceFiltersList &ll)
void writeExtraData (xml::ElementNode &elmParent, const ExtraDataItemsMap &me)
void writeUSBDeviceFilters (xml::ElementNode &elmParent, const USBDeviceFiltersList &ll, bool fHostMode)
 ~ConfigFileBase ()

Protected Attributes



class ConfigFileError


struct  Data

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