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DBGFEVENT Struct Reference
[The Debugger Facility API]

#include <dbgf.h>

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Detailed Description

VMM Debug Event.

Definition at line 218 of file dbgf.h.

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
 R3PTRTYPE (const char *) pszMsg2
 R3PTRTYPE (const char *) pszMsg1
   }   Assert
   uint64_t   au64Padding [4]
   struct DBGFEVENTBP {
      RTUINT   iBp
   }   Bp
   struct {
      int   rc
   }   FatalError
   struct {
 R3PTRTYPE (const char *) pszMessage
 R3PTRTYPE (const char *) pszFunction
 R3PTRTYPE (const char *) pszFile
      unsigned   uLine
   }   Src

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