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KPUINT Union Reference
[kTypes - Typedefs And Related Constants And Macros]

#include <kTypes.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Integer pointer union.

Definition at line 424 of file kTypes.h.

Public Attributes

KU8 * pb
KSSIZE * pcbSign
KSIZE * pcbUnsign
char * pch
signed char * pchSigned
KI16 * pi16
KI32 * pi32
KI64 * pi64
KI8 * pi8
signed int * piInt
signed long * piLong
KIPTR * piPtr
signed short * piShort
void ** ppv
char * psz
KU16 * pu16
KU32 * pu32
KU64 * pu64
KU8 * pu8
unsigned char * puch
unsigned int * puInt
unsigned long * puLong
KUPTR * puPtr
unsigned short * puShort
void * pv

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