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sw_span Struct Reference

#include <s_span.h>

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Detailed Description

The SWspan structure describes the colors, Z, fogcoord, texcoords, etc for either a horizontal run or an array of independent pixels. We can either specify a base/step to indicate interpolated values, or fill in explicit arrays of values. The interpMask and arrayMask bitfields indicate which attributes are active interpolants or arrays, respectively.

It would be interesting to experiment with multiprocessor rasterization with this structure. The triangle rasterizer could simply emit a stream of these structures which would be consumed by one or more span-processing threads which could run in parallel.

Definition at line 102 of file s_span.h.

Public Attributes

GLfixed alpha
GLfixed alphaStep
GLbitfield arrayAttribs
GLbitfield arrayMask
GLfloat attrStart [FRAG_ATTRIB_MAX][4]
GLfloat attrStepX [FRAG_ATTRIB_MAX][4]
GLfloat attrStepY [FRAG_ATTRIB_MAX][4]
GLfixed blue
GLfixed blueStep
GLuint end
GLuint facing
GLfixed green
GLfixed greenStep
GLfixed index
GLfixed indexStep
GLbitfield interpMask
GLfixed intTex [2]
GLfixed intTexStep [2]
GLenum primitive
GLfixed red
GLfixed redStep
GLboolean writeAll
GLint x
GLint y
GLfixed z
GLfixed zStep

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