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nsModuleInfo Struct Reference

#include <nsIGenericFactory.h>

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Detailed Description


Use this structure to define meta-information about the module itself, including the name, its components, and an optional module-level initialization or shutdown routine.

mVersion : Module Info Version
mModuleName : Module Name
mComponents : Array of Components
mCount : Count of mComponents
mCtor : Module user defined constructor
mDtor : Module user defined destructor
mLibraryDependencies : array of library which this module is dependent on.

Definition at line 288 of file nsIGenericFactory.h.

Public Attributes

const nsModuleComponentInfomComponents
PRUint32 mCount
nsModuleConstructorProc mCtor
nsModuleDestructorProc mDtor
const char ** mLibraryDependencies
const char * mModuleName
PRUint32 mVersion

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