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nsDiscriminatedUnion Struct Reference

#include <nsVariant.h>

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Detailed Description

nsDiscriminatedUnion is a type that nsIVariant implementors *may* use to hold underlying data. It has no methods. So, its use requires no linkage to the xpcom module.

Definition at line 61 of file nsVariant.h.

Public Attributes

PRUint16 mType
union {
   struct {
      PRUint32   mArrayCount
      nsIID   mArrayInterfaceID
      PRUint16   mArrayType
      void *   mArrayValue
   }   array
   struct {
      nsIID   mInterfaceID
      nsISupports *   mInterfaceValue
   }   iface
   nsAString *   mAStringValue
   PRBool   mBoolValue
   char   mCharValue
   nsACString *   mCStringValue
   double   mDoubleValue
   float   mFloatValue
   nsIID   mIDValue
   PRInt16   mInt16Value
   PRInt32   mInt32Value
   PRInt64   mInt64Value
   PRInt8   mInt8Value
   PRUint16   mUint16Value
   PRUint32   mUint32Value
   PRUint64   mUint64Value
   PRUint8   mUint8Value
   nsAUTF8String *   mUTF8StringValue
   PRUnichar   mWCharValue
   struct {
      PRUint32   mStringLength
      char *   mStringValue
   }   str
   struct {
      PRUint32   mWStringLength
      PRUnichar *   mWStringValue
   }   wstr

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