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gl_texture_object Struct Reference

#include <mtypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Texture object state. Contains the array of mipmap images, border color, wrap modes, filter modes, shadow/texcompare state, and the per-texture color palette.

Definition at line 1402 of file mtypes.h.

Public Attributes

GLchan _BorderChan [4]
GLboolean _Complete
GLenum _Function
GLfloat _MaxLambda
GLint _MaxLevel
GLint BaseLevel
GLfloat BorderColor [4]
GLboolean CompareFlag
GLenum CompareFunc
GLenum CompareMode
GLenum CompareOperator
GLenum DepthMode
GLboolean GenerateMipmap
struct gl_texture_imageImage [MAX_FACES][MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS]
GLfloat LodBias
GLenum MagFilter
GLfloat MaxAnisotropy
GLint MaxLevel
GLfloat MaxLod
GLenum MinFilter
GLfloat MinLod
_glthread_Mutex Mutex
GLuint Name
struct gl_color_table Palette
GLfloat Priority
GLint RefCount
GLfloat ShadowAmbient
GLenum Target
GLenum WrapR
GLenum WrapS
GLenum WrapT
For device driver.
Note: instead of attaching driver data to this pointer, it's preferable to instead use this struct as a base class for your own texture object class. Driver->NewTextureObject() can be used to implement the allocation.

void * DriverData

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