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gl_texture_format Struct Reference

#include <mtypes.h>

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Detailed Description

Texture format record

Definition at line 1282 of file mtypes.h.

Public Attributes

GLenum BaseFormat
GLenum DataType
GLint MesaFormat
StoreTexImageFunc StoreImage
StoreTexelFunc StoreTexel
GLuint TexelBytes
GLubyte AlphaBits
GLubyte BlueBits
GLubyte DepthBits
GLubyte GreenBits
GLubyte IndexBits
GLubyte IntensityBits
GLubyte LuminanceBits
GLubyte RedBits
GLubyte StencilBits
Texel fetch function pointers
FetchTexelFuncC FetchTexel1D
FetchTexelFuncF FetchTexel1Df
FetchTexelFuncC FetchTexel2D
FetchTexelFuncF FetchTexel2Df
FetchTexelFuncC FetchTexel3D
FetchTexelFuncF FetchTexel3Df

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