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gl_shared_state Struct Reference

#include <mtypes.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

State which can be shared by multiple contexts:

Definition at line 2159 of file mtypes.h.

Public Attributes

struct _mesa_HashTable * ArrayObjects
struct _mesa_HashTable * ATIShaders
struct _mesa_HashTable * BufferObjects
struct ati_fragment_shaderDefaultFragmentShader
struct _mesa_HashTable * DisplayList
void * DriverData
struct _mesa_HashTable * FrameBuffers
_glthread_Mutex Mutex
GLint RefCount
struct _mesa_HashTable * RenderBuffers
struct _mesa_HashTable * ShaderObjects
struct _mesa_HashTable * TexObjects
Default texture objects (shared by all multi-texture units)
struct gl_texture_objectDefault1D
struct gl_texture_objectDefault1DArray
struct gl_texture_objectDefault2D
struct gl_texture_objectDefault2DArray
struct gl_texture_objectDefault3D
struct gl_texture_objectDefaultCubeMap
struct gl_texture_objectDefaultRect
Vertex/fragment programs
struct gl_fragment_programDefaultFragmentProgram
struct gl_vertex_programDefaultVertexProgram
struct _mesa_HashTable * Programs
Thread safety and statechange notification for texture

Improve the granularity of locking.

_glthread_Mutex TexMutex
GLuint TextureStateStamp

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